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Q. If I fill out a mortgage application or provide any information, am I under any obligation to accept a mortgage?

A. No. You are never under any obligation until closing on a purchase or three days after closing on a refinance.

Q.Can you provide information by e-mail?

A. Yes. No one will call you unless you request a call. If you do apply for a mortgage then phone calls will be necessary.

Q. Can I get pre-qualified and is there a cost?

A. Yes, you can get pre-qualified by providing income information and permitting a credit check. Our loan officers can check your credit and let you know the amount of mortgage for which you can qualify. There is no cost for this service.

Q. Can I get a mortgage even if I have had a bankruptcy?

A. Yes. There are lenders who will provide a mortgage even if you have had a recent bankruptcy. Your probability will depend on your credit since the bankruptcy.

Q. I have good credit but I have very little money saved. Can I possibly qualify for a mortgage?

A. Yes. There are mortgages that require minimal down payment and allow the seller to contribute toward the closing costs. If your credit is good enough, you may qualify for such a mortgage.

Q. I want to buy a duplex and live in one unit and rent the other. I have good credit. Can I get the same interest rate as if I were buying a single family home?

A. Yes. For owner-occupied properties for borrowers with good credit, the rates are the same. If you have had past credit problems, rates may be higher.

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